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In past posts i complained about my cholesterol being caused by hctz and not being able to lower it. Well today i went to my dietitian and she showed me my record. Since July 15 my cholesterol was 298 it is now (10/8) 243. Here is the breakdow:

tc: 243 (abrnormal)
trig: 166
hdl: 49
ldl: 161
chol/hdl ratio: 5.0

I did not have to take the pravigard. Also, why did my hdl go down? Can i take something to increase it? And finally, does walking help to increase hdl?

All comments appreciated.

I forgot to mention that i stopped the hctz which caused this cholesterol problem in the first place. I also lowered my glucose level to 7.5. My dietitian told me to continue what i was doing. She reviewed my meal plans.

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