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Virtual drinks are on me in celebration! (Maybe we had better make it V-8 juice with no salt added, however.) I just got back the results of my blood test. Results from this week are in black, those from 9/30/2003 are in blue, and my highest recorded is in red.

Total cholesterol 190 [COLOR=Blue](247)[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red](275)[/COLOR]
LDL 101 [COLOR=Blue](158)[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red](159)[/COLOR]
HDL 72 [COLOR=Blue](62)[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red](83)[/COLOR]
Trigs 87 [COLOR=Blue](133)[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red](214)[/COLOR]

I've been on an OTC Niacin (Enduracin) since November 2003. I started out with just 250 mg., when results weren't good enough judging by the next blood test, I increased it to 500 mg., and in June increased it again to 750 mg. Therapeutic dose for most people is considered 1000 to 2000 mg. My liver enzymes are way under the maximum normal level, so I'm fine there. And my Niacin therapy is costing me less than five dollars a month. My doctor was initially very cautious and concerned about me taking an OTC Niacin, but when liver enzymes came back hardly changed, she is now quite excited about it.

I've been pretty good about my diet, though, eating few saturated fats, and a lot of vegetables and soluble fiber. I'm trying hard to behave myself there, as I want to keep the amount of Niacin I have to take to a minimum. The lower the dosage, the lower the risk, I reason.

There is a strong history on the Norsk side of my family of strokes and heart attacks. None before age 70, and some in the late 70s, 80s or 90s, but it was stroke or heart attack, nonetheless. And since I'm now 63, I decided that "in the 70s" doesn't sound so far off any more and I had better get more serious about my health.

Anyway, I'm celebrating the results! :bouncing: :bouncing: :bouncing: :bouncing: :bouncing:
Uff-Da -- your results are REALLY terrific. Evidently there's a lot to be said for niacin therapy in many people.

My own cardiologist said last week "sure, go ahead and take it!" when I suggested it as an alternative to Lipitor. In a previous post I mentioned my total chol. is at the moment 247 and LDL is 141, but HDL is 93 and Trigs only 66. That weird combo of good/not so good numbers got me started on a search for a way to fix things OTHER than statins. My internist is the one bugging me to go on Lipitor, not the cardiologist.

The cardiologist also said since my numbers are consistently in this some good/some bad range despite diet, weight changes, etc., that the best way for me to find out just what, if anything is going on, is to take the calcium heart scan, and I am planning to do that.

Pres. Bush just had that test the other day as part of his check-up and it revealed a few tiny bits of calcium in arteries, despite his being extremely healthy, so his docs put him on aspirin therapy and a statin. When/if my upcoming test reveals much calcium, then I will very happy to use Lipitor or whatever -- but not until I know for certain there is trouble lurking.

I love the idea of using niacin (but not TOO much) and drinking a small glass of red wine a few nights a week and continuing to take my aspirin a day. I figure that, plus moderate exercise and keeping too many extra pounds OFF should be pretty good. I also drink a lot of green and sometimes black tea as I like them and they're supposed to be good for the heart. And let's not forget the DARK chocolate!

Again, EXCELLENT NEWS, Uff-Da -- thanks for the "virtual drinks" you "bought" us all!!!!
[QUOTE=cheer up]Do you ever eat lutefisk? ACK!!!!!!!!!!!! Nasty stuff! We, the younger generation (fifties) never eat it at all...[/QUOTE]
Oh, but of course I've eaten lutefisk! That was traditional Christmas eve dinner every year while I was still living at home. (Prepared by my French Canadian mother for my Norwegian father.) Actually, I didn't mind it at all, and I rather miss it the way she prepared it. I tried fixing it once myself, but it was gross! My mother is long gone and so are my Norsk aunts who prepared it well, so I couldn't ask for suggestions.

What I really miss, though, is lefse! Oh, that wonderful lefse! Rolled up with butter and sugar. What a special holiday treat! I'm too lazy to make it myself, but I wish I could just buy some fresh lefse. I guess there aren't enough Norsk around where I live now to be able to find it anywhere.

[QUOTE=cheer up]In a previous post I mentioned my total chol. is at the moment 247 and LDL is 141, but HDL is 93 and Trigs only 66.[/QUOTE]
With an HDL and trigs like that, I don't think I'd even bother with niacin. You sure must be doing something right!

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