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You can minimize the flush in several ways:
1. Take an aspirin about 30 minutes before the niacin, especially at first.
2. Start off slow and build up. I've read recommendations to start with as little as 100 mg. of immediate release or 250 mg. sustained release for several days or a week before increasing. This gives your body time to adjust.
3. Take the niacin with meals.
4. If you take more than 250 mg., split the amount to take with two or three meals.
5. Use a sustained release product, rather than immediate release. If you choose to do this, however, be aware that the sustained release is more "potent" in terms of both cholesterol-reduction and toxicity. Have a baseline liver enzyme test and get tests regularly.

I use a sustained release product, Enduracin, 250 mg. 3x daily with meals. I had only minor flushing the first week or so, and have had none since. It has not affected my liver enzymes to date.
[QUOTE=Lenin]I got serious angioedema dose after dose.[/QUOTE]

Oh, no fun! Well, just like a lot of medications, not everyone can take it. Did you use an immediate release product? How high a dose did you start with?

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