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Hi and welcome to the boards,

Most of the poeple on this board seem to be on statins. My doctor started talking statins several years ago, but I resisted. Last year I finally decided I needed to start getting serious about my health, but decided to go on an OTC niacin (Enduracin) instead, in spite of my doctor's hesitancy about it. I did it very gradually, starting at 250 mg. for several months, then 500 mg about 6 months, and finally 750 mg., which brought my TC down to 190. My highest TC ever had been 275; the highest just before I started niacin therapy was 247. And my figures for LDL, HDL and trigs have improved, too. My liver enzymes have had negligible changes as a result of taking niacin. (But if you do decide to go with niacin, make sure you have regular liver enzyme tests, just to be sure.) And I like the cost much better than that for statins: I'm spending less than five dollars a month for it.

In all honesty, niacin doesn't deserve all the credit. I'm combining that with very, very careful dietary control. I've all but given up my beloved ice cream. I'm eating very little saturated or trans fats, and eating a lot of oat bran, legumes, and other foods with soluble fiber. In addition, I take phytosterols before eating eggs or shrimp, both of which I love and eat frequently.

You might want to check out my thread where I reported the results:

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