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I am AMAZED that the only response you are getting with 20 mg. Lipitor is a lowering from 255 to 217. It's almost unheard of to get such a poor response. Are you taking it every evening without fail?

Try 40 mg. and see if you can get what you need.

Put it to your doctor exactly that way and see if he has any ideas. Perhaps a switch to Vytorin or Crestor will give you better control.[/QUOTE]

You see this is what I've been talking about!
I have never missed a pill. I take it everynight before I go to sleep.
I also take garlic, niacin, Flaxseed meal, folic acid, all the B vitamins, multi with minerals, C, coq10, and of course the RES-Q 1250.....I will talk to my doctor.
Thank's for your help Lenin :)

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