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Omani - Congratulations on your splendid success! I don't think I've ever seen anyone make such terrific changes so fast. Making all those lifestyle changes in such a short period must have been difficult. It takes a great deal of strength, but I'm sure your health will be better for it in the long run.

There are some options to raising the HDL if you choose to do so. This option has already been mentioned, that of taking low-dose niacin. I chose to lower my cholesterol with niacin only, and was able to get my numbers down to nearly ideal with 750 mg. niacin daily. But since you are already on Lipitor, that much would probably not be needed. I think Lenin is trying 250 mg. a day, and that amount could well bring your HDL up sufficiently.

Another option is adding a little alcohol, like a glass of wine with dinner, if you are totally abstaining now. I haven't seen any specific figures on this, but know that it does tend to raise HDL.

One option that hasn't been mentioned is adding a few eggs back into your diet. Yes, eggs! I came across two research studies which showed that eggs did not present the danger in the diet which was formerly believed. They may raise total cholesterol, but part of that is HDL. Since I am an egg lover from way back, I decided to do an experiment on myself by eating two eggs a day for two to three months. As you can see from the figures below, this increased my HDL appreciably and my TC/HDL ratio hardly changed. I'm not suggesting that you eat two eggs a day, but a couple of eggs a week probably wouldn't hurt. I'd be inclined to think that because the difference between your LDL and HDL was so much greater than mine, it is possible that the effect of just a few points higher HDL might actually give you a better ratio than you had previously. It isn't going to be a magic cure, but if you've been missing your eggs like I did, at least you'll know you can have a bit more leeway in your diet here than you may have previously thought.

Naturally, your results would be different, but here were my results, first the original, then after adding 750 mg. niacin daily, and last after taking the 750 mg niacin plus eating 14 eggs a week. (My doctor believes that the ratio is far more important than the total cholesterol, so was not concerned about the increases in TC and LDL under the circumstances.)

247 - 190 - 241 Total cholesterol
158 - 101 - 137 LDL
62 ----72 ---91 HDL
4.0 -- 2.6 - 2.7 TC/HDL ratio
133 -- 87 -- 68 Triglycerides

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