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My father is 76 years old. He has been a type 2 diabetic for close to 40 years. He had also been a smoker for over 40 years before finally quitting 13 years ago. He has been able to control his blood sugar quite well throughout the years. He has never had a heart attack, or experienced any chest pains. Nevertheless, he did undergo triple bypass surgery 10 years ago after a routine stress test showed blockages. He had been taking 40mg Zocor for a number of years, but quit taking it about three years ago because of side-effects, which included neuropathy. Of course, his cardiologist never felt that Zocor was the cause of all the pain and discomfort, but he accepted his decision to discontinue the drug. Of course his cholesterol went up after that, but I hardly think his numbers are terrible.

In the meantime, my father has been seeing another doctor for chelation therapy treatments. He visited this doctor today, and brought along with him the results of his recent blood test. His total cholesterol was 233, with an HDL of 75, LDL of 146, and the triglycerides were 62. I think that overall these numbers are pretty good. He is not taking any cholesterol medication. He does take Glipizide for blood sugar, Enalapril for blood pressure, and also something called Coreg and Sular. He also takes quite a few supplements, such as vitamin E, vitamin C, coenzyme Q10, fish oil, selenium, inositol hexanicotinate (flush-free niacin), magnesium, lysine, marine beta-carotene, B-complex, etc.

Anyway, after seeing my father's recent blood test results, he suggested that he start taking statins again! I couldn't believe it when my father told me that. Not only that, but he wants him to take 80mg Lipitor! I think this doctor is caught up in this latest LDL craze, since he said his LDL should be under 70! I just don't buy this nonsense, especially when you're dealing with a 76 year old person who already had problems with 40mg Zocor. Of course, I doubt that my father would even consider doing this. But the mere suggestion of something so absurd is enough to make be question the judgement of many doctors. So what's going on here? Am I nuts, or are some of these doctors literally going out of their minds?

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