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jtu, why won't you take the Niaspan? I know that niacin taken by a diabetic has to be very carefully monitored because it CAN cause problems with glucose levels, but don't you take your blood sugar readings every day anyway? I would think you would be able to tell if the niacin was causing a problem long before anything serious happened. I'm taking just 750 mg. of an OTC niacin daily, and it has dropped my total cholesterol about 57 points and improved the other figures, too. I'm not diabetic, but that kind of drop can make a definite difference in risk of CVD.

And as to it's potential for liver damage, if your doctor ordered liver enzyme tests before you started, he knows you don't have a problem there or he wouldn't have prescribed it. Usually the doctor requests another blood test within 6-8 weeks or so after starting on niacin to make sure that individual isn't having a problem with it. That would catch any liver problem it might cause (which doesn't happen often even with the OTCs) long before it was serious. If the doctor failed to request a follow-up liver enzyme test, you should ask for one.
And when the higher doses of niacin are banned as OTC products, I will have to pay more than ten times as much to get the same result from a prescription niacin. For what?

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