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Please let me know
Is Fasting necessary before Cholesterol / Triglyceride Lab test.
Does fasting have any impact on the result.
Some cases, I hear YES, some say No.

If you don't fast, you will likely get false test results. Your triglycerides in particular will go up immediately after eating, and this can also impact your total cholesterol and LDL, since about one fifth of your triglycerides are included in your calculated LDL.
It really IS necessary especially to get a valid triglyceride reading, which is used also in the computation of LDL.
Twenty-fours of alcohol abstinence is also a good idea.
how long do you have to fast
I have to fast 12 hours before a test. The lady in the lab said you can have black coffee and water without causing a problem. The time before my last test I had coffee with cream and my triglycerides were up to 220 but this time I didn't have anything and they were down to 131.
You should fast for a minimum of 12-14 hours for the most accurate results. You should you only drink water during the period of fasting and abstain from alcohol for the previous 24 hours.
Fasting is the way to get the most accurate reading from you tests. Also if you smoke, :nono: you should include that in your fasting.
Following your 12 to 14 hour fast, drink at least 8 ounces of water before going to have your blood drawn. Nothing else, just plain water.

Most are not aware that mild dehydration occurs during a fast and makes it more difficult for the lab to draw blood.

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