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[QUOTE=Ward]Just when I thought I was getting the hang of the numbers and their meaning! You are referencing things I have not come across before. Could you please explain how and why you have what appears to be a much more detailed profile of your cholesterol levels? Many thanks.[/QUOTE]


There are companies (more now) that look at additional factors that might be causing the premature development of CHD, which afflicted me. A few years back, I had mine done by NMR lipoprofile analysis, and there was a company in NC that would do the breakdown. More companines now have labs that will do the VAP (stands for Vertial Auto Profile). It allows quantitation of the lipoprotein subclasses. The whole reason that they started to do this analysis on my plasma is to try to identify additional risk factors to explain my early development of CHD because my total cholesterol was not really all that high, nor was my LDL. My HDL was low but still, there was more to the picture--my particle size of LDLs, IDLs, HDLs, VLDLs were all weighted heavily toward the small and dense type. I just happend to reread a manuscript on all these novel risk factors this morning, and will try to remember to get the link and post it in here. I might have done so a while back? In any case, I think its an article in the Journal "Circulation." It's not too difficult to understand.

I found the NMR lipoprofile report easier to interpret than the VAP report. The company that produces it displays in a more understandable format. Unfortunately, the cost is higher to have them do it. (With insurance I pay around $250).

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