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Re: Questions???
Feb 24, 2005

I agree with the prior posts - try lifestyle changes (diet and exercise) to see if that lowers your LDL number. Your HDL/LDL ratio is actually quite good - and the ratio is important.

Tricor will do a better job of controlling your triglycerides than the statins, but I have a word of warning...

Be extremely careful if your doctor recommends that you take both a statin and Tricor. The risk of muscle pain/weakness, or the potentially fatal condition called rhabdomyolysis (breakdown of muscle tissue leading to kidney failure), increases dramatically when a statin is combined with a fenofibrate drug.

Try a glass of red wine a day instead...

Re: Questions???
Feb 24, 2005
If Tricor is used, make sure U go on a low dose, and as Hubble said, don't mix the Tricor with a statin...NOT GOOD. A friend of mine was on a large doseage of Tricor and got pancreatitis. Now his dr. has him on a very low dose of Tricor. Hubby's cardio man is a firm believer in the good ole glass of red wine, at least all U get is a "buzz on"!!! Good luck... :D

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