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Thanks guys!

I babysit right now for friends of my family and they are both doctors (husband and wife)- one is an endocrinologist and the other is a gynocologist. I was talking to them, and they said that since everything else looks pretty good ( my diet is good, my ratio is fine, my triglycerides are fine) that its something more in depth. Its not hereditary because my parents and grandparents are known to have really low cholesterol.

Anyway- they were talking and the gynocologist had an epiphany and was like OH MY GOD! YOU'RE ON BIRTH CONTROL PILLS!!! THAT CAN CAUSE HIGH CHOLESTEROL!!!! (it makes sense because i have been on the pill for the past year and thats when i had the significant increase).

So the endocrinologist is gunna do more in depth blood work on me to check hormone levels because the birth control pills shouldnt have that much effect on me- at a young age, i should be able to tolerate it. So basically he is just going to check my hormone levels- he thinks i have a hormonal imbalance that is causing my cholesterol!!

So I'm relieved!! Its like everythings lifted off my shoulders now! And i know i can trust them because i babysit their twin daughters! lol, and they are like my 2nd parents too!!!


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