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Interestingly enough - Lp(a) doesn't seem to have the same atherogenic predictibility in African americans as it does in other ethnic groups.

The other answer is of course - yes - that's also why Herbal therapy isn't nearly as prevalent as it probably should be - Not nearly as much R and D for profit making/taking.

Also why they never mention that immediate release niacin has Virtually no hepatotoxic side effects.
It's nice to know that immediate release niacin has no hepatoxic side effects. I've sure been taking it for quite awhile without being monitored by any doctor. I take 250mg four times a day, for a total of 1000mg. I can't say that it has lowered my total cholesterol, but it has done wonders for my HDL, which is now 107.

I've also heard the same thing about African Americans and Lp(a). Puzzling, isn't it?
Virtually every source that I've seen has stated quite clearly that large doses of niacin, immediate, intermediate or slow release, DEFINITELY pose a risk to the liver.
Where did you both find data contradicting this?
To clarify I didn't say "no hepatotoxic" side effects -

I said "virtually no..." immediate release niacin is the cholesterol wonder drug.

Weighing it against the Statins (pravachol excluded), Over the counter extended release Niacin (NOT the anoscitol); immediate release Niacin is water soluble and largely metabolised through the kidneys - places a VERY small burden on the liver.

Niacin is always contraindicated in diabetics or hypertensive patients.

If your LFT's are abnormal anyway - then yes - there's a propensity for Immediate release Niacin to increase those abnormalities; but if your LFT's are normal - then they'll probably stay that way.

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