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Re: Fats
Mar 5, 2005

I used to have a vat of margarine in my refrigerator during my obese, sedentary, rapid forming atherosclerotic plaque days...and Crisco--Yes.

You mentioned the typical American diet and the 60% of the fat (sources). I was at a carnival/fair a few weeks ago and avoided all the food there...but talk about amazing choices. I have yet to try a fried snickers bar or something like that, but do you think it's possible to make things any more unhealthy? :p

As for the dimers, tetramers, I have not come across anything (yet) that goes deep enough into how the trans config might be processed, or where it goes "wrong." However, once I do find something....

I understand what you mean about the NaCN vs. KCN analogy ;)


Saw your post on the omega-6s in the Diet forum, glad you pointed out that problem that crops up in our diets.

As for the lipid markers getting worse on lowfat, true, the typical response is that the levels of lipoproteins decrease, but the interesting part is that the heart disease probability decreases with it. I think the general public is getting the wrong kind of information when we oversimplify things and say that LDL is "bad cholesterol" and HDL is "good." We need both in order to function well, and they play critical roles. I think it all goes back to how efficient the body is metabolizing response now to dietary fats, esp. sat is much better because of decreased weight and consistent routine cardio exercise. Net result is that, within limits, my LDL and HDL go up, TG stays constant and the ratios are fine. The same occurs during periods where I am eating a lower fat content, my total goes down, as do my LDL and HDL, but the ratio is about the same. The best ratio I ever had actually came with a total of 143 mg/dL, where HDL>LDL. It did take niacin therapy to get there, however. Without it, my ratio is about .75 when near 150 mg/dL total and about .8 when near 100 mg/dL total. This difference is probably not significant when you consider all the variables that can impact variance here. Of course, here again, I am using n=1 (myself) as the only sample in the pool, and I doubt highly that my response is normal (whether we are talking lipids or written text ;) )

I had asked Lipidprofiler about Tangier disease because I find that faction fascinating, even though I don't suffer that type of dyslipidaemia. These individuals have extremely low levels of HDL (1-5 mg/dL) yet their risk of heart disease is no worse than average. I tend to think that an individual that doesn't have a particular type of classifiable lipid problem, and even some types (like mine) can be managed by fine tuning the diet and keeping active. That almost sounds like "different diets for different bloodtypes" but I think you have probably mentioned this, or noted it, that not all diets will work well for all people.

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