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In all honesty, I know LOTS of people on statins and I know LOTS of people on antihypertensives. I can tell you truly that these people have FAR more problems with the BP meds than the statins.
Shall we talk about antidepressives and their risk of suicide, or the bizarre results of the Ritalin plague in schools.

As far as side effects go, just read the side-effects in the PDR on virtually ANY drug...see if the list isn't every bit as long as the list for Lipitor!
I just got done with reading Cozaar because of the screetching pain in my knee after taking ONE after a 2 month hiatus...YEP, myalgia, myositis, KNEE PAIN, all there amidst a nearly full page of horrors. And this from a classs that most people agree has perhaps the fewest side effects of any of those commonly prescribed.

How's this comparison: take Lipitor to avoid a heart attack and risk some aches and pains or take a Cox-2 inhibitor for aches and pains and risk death from a heart attack. THose choices seem VERY dissimilar to me.

And poor Johnny, he got over his depression where he couldn't do ANYTHING with his life. He took Paxil and FINALLY got off his rear...and HANGED himself!

Drugs have side effects and all present Cost/benefit and Risk/benefit ratios. People have overwhelmingly chosen in favor of statins; they have been judged NOT an unsafe class of drug by the tens of millions who take them. The benefit denominator has apparently been judged to be SO high as to overwhelm the high cost ...and LOW risk.

Guess the drug:
[quote]Damage to the lining of your stomach, prolonged bleeding time, wheezing, breathlessness, ringing in the ears, hearing loss, chronic catarrh & runny nose, headache, confusion, nausea, vomiting, GI upset, GI bleeding, ulcers, rash, allergic reactions, hives, bruising, abnormal liver function tests, liver damage, and hepatitis. If you take too much, the toxic effect is Kidney Damage, severe metabolic derangements, respiratory and central nervous system effects, strokes, fatal hemorrhages of the brain, spleen, liver, intestines & lungs and
300 to 500 reported deaths per year: (taken as directed)[/b][/quote]

Yep. aspirin. No prescription needed.

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