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Arizona, as U have seen me state, my husband's pains got so bad he had to retire early from his job, and he loved his job. He is ABSOLUTELY no baby, he can handle alot of pain, and very seldom complains of not feeling well. I only wish I had a computer long before we did and was able to research this stuff. We never thought the statins were the cause of this stuff till I was shoved on it, then a bulb went off in my head. Too bad it was so late!!

Yes, I have many friends who are on them, and some have very lil side effects, other's have some, but not enough to cause them to go off, so good for them. Since hubby has been off, like I said, he can finally wear shoes without being totally in pain, and can shake a persons hand. He has lost alot of muscle mass in his arms, but at least he is not pulling muscles everytime he tries to do something. To those that can take them, GOD bless them, but for those that can't, their dr. should try their darndest to work with them for a natural way to try and bring numbers down. Oh well, everyone will argue this statin thing till God knows when, for us, we take each day at a time and hope for the best.

Got to get back to our UCONN gals basketball game, they are making me nervous tonight, not playing as well as they should. :nono:

Have a great nite, and TTYS.... :wave:

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