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Hi JJ, I'm one of those on the board taking Niacin, too. I take Enduracin, a sustained release form, which can be ordered online. I tried an immediate release niacin once years ago, and just hated the flushing, so chose to go with one which might have a slightly higher risk but which I could tolerate.

I've had good success, getting my TC down to 190 from 247 with it, even though I'm only taking 750 mg. daily (divided dose, 250 mg 3x daily with meals). My HDL went up from 62 to 72 in this time period, also. Of course, it is possible that not all the change is a result of the niacin, since I've also added 3 grams of fish oil or flax oil daily, now take a phytosterol pill before eating eggs or shrimp, and may have made some additional dietary changes since I started. (My diet was quite good before I started.) I expect, though, that most of the change was a result of the niacin.

The research on Enduracin at both the U. of Minn. and Harvard shows a high level of safety. Nonetheless, I believe in being cautious, so I do have my liver enzymes checked. I also believe in taking no higher a dose than is necessary to do the job, as a lower dose means lower risk. I started out taking just 250 mg daily for a few months. That got my TC down to 220 and my liver enzymes were virtually unchanged, so the doctor said to go ahead and increase the niacin to 500 mg daily. That got the TC down to 202 after about six months, at which point my doctor advised increasing the niacin to my current 750 mg.

While my doctor was initially reluctant to have me try an OTC sustained-release niacin, she was so happy with the results that she asked me for information on where to get it so she can recommend it to her other patients. For someone who has no prescription coverage, the price is right. It costs me less than five dollars a month. Of course, one must accept that the cost of a regular blood test is part of the "cost of the medication," too.
Well thanx so much for sharing that Uff. Like U said, U made other changes also, but it sounds like the Niacin seemed to work mighty well for you... :)

I had asked my dr. for some natural things to try, and she suggested green tea or niacin, but told me not to take both, as then we wouldn't know which was working. Sounds pretty reasonable to me. :D

Seeing we are FINALLY between snow storms, I just may get my buns out there today and see if I can get a small bottle of that stuff to try. I know like any drug, whether OTC or prescribed, there are risks, so I will just have to be a lil cautious, but if it works fine, if not, oh well, back to the drawing board.

My numbers aren't out of control, they are borderline, but for some reason this last test my HDL, which was always in the upper 50's, slid down to 39, and I didn't like that at all. Don't know if it was a fluke or what, as my TC went down 12 pts. LDL down 14 pts., but with the HDL going down, it messed up my ratio.

Anyway, a big thanx to all, and will definitely keep U posted how it goes. I appreciate all the input... :wave:

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