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Thanks to all for the relpies to my post. I will respond to questions from both posters.

My aunt was already on blood pressure medication before she was given the Lipitor. I don't know her cholesterol levels or triglycerides, and I don't want to ask her because she thinks it's great that her doctor gave her Lipitor, and her pharmacist agrees, so I don't want to rock the boat with her.
She has been blind in one eye for several years, she stopped smoking afer her blindness. Her doctor thinks she had a mini-stroke to cause it.

I agree with you that total cholesteral tests should not be relied upon, when the person does not know their HDL or LDL and other indicators. As a matter of fact, the supermarket tester told a woman that she is not testing for HDL or LDL, but if the total cholesterol is low, then it is all right. I was thinking she should not have said that, because the woman's HDL could be low, and she would be leaving the supermarket with a false sense of security that her levels are all right. The same is true vice-versa, if the total count is high, it could be that the HDL's are high, and there could be no need for medication.
Most people don't get the concept, and just believe the doctor when he gives them medication. Several years ago my doctor wanted to give me medication when my HDL was 63 (I don't remember the LDL) and my ratio was well under 3.5. When I pointed that out to him, he said "oh yea,you don't need it." One time I called my doctor's office for my levels, and his secretary said, "everything is bad, your HDL's are high, and your LDL's are high, very bad." I told her that HDL's are supposed to be high, and it went right over her head! There is so much incompetence.

As far as accuracy of the various home monitors, labs, etc. the home monitors claim they have the same error rate as the labs, I don't know if
that is true. I don't know if blood fats would fluctuate from 215 to 172 in a week. I fasted both times, but I read fasting is only necessary if triglyceride
count is taken, not cholesterol. Maybe I should just take an average of 5 or 6 counts with my home monitor, and then go to the lab to confirm.

I use Invite CardioSterol from Hickey Chemists in NYC, and Policosanol from Hickey Chemists, pharmeceutical grade. The capsules are made from a division of Warner-Lambert/Pfizer. I take one each with lunch and dinner.
Jerry Hickey has a radio show in my area in the morning, so that's how I found out about it. Jerry says that if Policosanol contains beeswax it is a waste of time to take it, so check the labels if you buy it.

I did get more dilligent regarding my diet when my cholesterol only dropped to 248 a few months after getting the home monitor, and I wasn't taking the plant sterols and Policosanol everyday either. I really got dilligent about taking the supplements every day and eating oat bran or oat bran cereal every morning, and cutting out trans-fats (partially hydrogenated oil products), beef, fatty cheese, chocolate, and my favorite frozen yogurt which contained trans-fats.
For lunch I eat nothing with saturated fats, I eat vegetable/bean soup with black corn chips, peanut butter and jelly, homemade pizza with no-fat cheese, or salads.
For dinner I'll have a piece of chicken, fish, or ground turkey with brown rice or other starch and any vegetable and salad, with a glass or two of red wine.
For dessert I eat cookies or crackers without trans-fat, air popcorn, pretzels, nuts, yogurt, fruit, fruit pie with no trans-fat crust, etc.
When I go to a restaurant instead of eating chicken parmagiana like I did in the past, I order swordfish with mushrooms in wine/lemon sauce or similar dish.
I don't even miss the entrees with lots of cheese, ecpecially when I think of what it was doing to my blood chemistry.
I have not exercised since it turned cold in the northeast, I am waiting for spring to go out walking, so exercise has not been as issue with me for the cholesterol lowering.
My 75 year old male neighbor also takes Policosanol (another brand), red rice yeast, and garlic pills. His total count is 172 (from the lab), he gets no
exercise other than gardening and his health is excellent. He doesn't eat trans-fats, never did.
Well, I hope this helps, if anyone has any other questions I would be more than happy to answer them.
Good Luck to everyone trying to beat this problem.

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