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I've been on and off this message board for years now and I'm always surprised that people are STILL looking for the cure to high cholesterol through meds and supplements.

A little history about me: My father died of a heart attack at age 39. He had genetic high cholesterol which got passed on to me. Many relatives with the similar condition also died of heart attacks at an early age. My case is very rare amongst most of you. Extreme levels of cholesterol which result in artery narrowing through genetics are NOT the norm.

For most of you, diet and lifestyle change is what will get your levels down. Watch your fat intake (yes, even olive oil - fat is fat), eat naturally (no processed foods like margarines, packaged foods, etc. to clog up your system), stay away from dietary cholesterol. Exercise daily to get your blood flowing. It's not that difficult. Your levels WILL get lowered if you follow a few basic guidelines. Dr. Mc Dougall has a great plan, check out his book.

Continuing to eat processed, fast food, steaks, eggs, butter and what-not and popping pills will not reverse or cure your high cholesterol. In fact, you will get more tired and lethargic if you aren't already!

And if you are already mindful of your diet and live a healthy lifestyle, and are still not getting your levels down, you may be one of the few, like myself, with a family history who may require some kind of suppls or meds, but even folks with hereditary cholesterol problems have been able to get healthy just be changing their lifestyles, so pills STILL aren't the only answer.

Also you may always have high cholesterol, but have clean flowing arteries so there's no risk. But if you have family members dropping dead from heart attacks at a young age, that would definately be something to be concerned about.

Please look into it! Pills don't cure diseases and never will.

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