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As far as I know, high-cholesterol is asymtopmatic - you won't notice any symtpoms if you have it... Theoretically, over time, high cholesterol can lead to:
Coronary Heart Disease, which can result in heart attack
Peripheral Vascular Disease (you'd notice tingling or numbness in
your extremities)

I say 'theoretically' because, personally, I think medical science is over-attributing risks to cholesterol. I believe that 20 years from now, other markers such as homocysteine, CRP... will prove to be more accurate predictors of CHD.

Some of your symptoms sound like Angina, except that you don't have pain - so I can't really guess what your condition is. Do you feel 'tightness' or 'pressure' - the latter is a symptom of Angina. Do see your doctor about it..

By the way, have you been diagnosed with 'high' cholesterol???\

I put 'high' in quotes - because over the past few years, the definition of 'high' cholesterol has changed radically, in my opinion due to pressure from the drug industry, which is why I trust the risks of high-cholesterol less and less as time goes by.

I personally would worry more about the HDL to LDL ratio that the total level, and I wouldn't lose sleep over it in any event. See your doctor and get a diagnosis - otherwise, you're just guessing about your condition, and perhaps worrying for nothing.



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