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These are my Red Rice Results:

September on 1,500 Niacin

TC 242
LDL 162
HDL 53

Trig 136

Ratio TC/HDL = 4.6

I have high sugar so I ditched the niacin and replaced
this with 1200 Red Rice Yeast

TC 210
LDL 150
HDL 44
Trig 79

Ratio TC/HDL = 4.8

It is sort of interesting in that my ratio is worse, but the doctor said it was good in looking at the lowered Total Cholesterol. I am not positive that they can perform the long division. The HDL at 44 is exactly correct because that is exactly where it stays without the niacin.

Before any supplements, it was I think -

TC = 260
HDL = 43
LDL = 180

Trig = 185

He is pushing statins. I think I am going to wait a while on these - 40 years or so.


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