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Hi I am new to the board and was looking for help to interpret some recent test results.

I am 36, 5' 1", 100lbs normal/low blood pressure, non smoker, exercise frequently (run 3.5 miles several times a week), careful with my diet (ensure low saturated fat intake), take garlic, Fiber and vitamin supplements.

I just went to increase my health insurance and was told I had very high cholesterol. Results are as follows:-

Total 300
LDL 186
HDL 94
Triglycerides 100
Chol/HDL ratio 3.19
LDL/HDL Ratio 1.97

I consulted 2 doctors one said not to worry my HDL was extremely high which indicates my diet and activity levels are good. Also my ratios were good.

The other doctor wanted to put me on drugs and said he only cared about the total which was life threatening for my size.

Now I am confused. It looks like although my total cholesterol is very high all other levels and ratios are not so bad.

Any thoughts?

I'm more of a believer in ratios myself, which means looking at the total picture, and therefore I am inclined to agree with the first doctor. Your ratios are very good, you're young, and obviously in very good physical condition. Would you really be willing to risk taking these drugs every day for the next 40 years, knowing that they can potentially cause a multitude of problems down the road? I wouldn't. So I say don't try to fix what's not broke. If your doctor ever expresses concern about your LDL, then ask him to measure it, and let you know whether you have primarily Pattern A (large particle size), or Pattern B (small dense particle size). Not all LDL is alike. Pattern A is a more benign sub-type, and far less dangerous than Pattern B. Generally, people who have low HDL and high triglycerides have primarily Pattern B LDL, and people who have a high HDL combined with low triglycerides are primarily Pattern A. My guess is that in your particular case, all indications are that your LDL would most likely be Pattern A.

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