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[QUOTE=momcat1]Thanks, JJ. I can't believe that after following a cholesterol reducing diet for 10+ years, and doing all the right things, I could end up in this mess. I am sick of eliminating every single thing I ever enjoyed.

Yes, they've tested and restested my thyroid function and it is still quite normal.

I've been doing 1000 mg C for 25+ years. It helps me avoid some of the germs in the winter, so my whole family has been on it forever. This time the doc told me to eliniate the cheese, which is the only dairy I've been able to tolerate for many years. I asked him since he cut my meat protein and he knows I can't tolerate other dairy, what I'm supposed to substitute now? I've found that Citracal is the only calcium I can tolerate, so Faithfully on that since 1999. Also can't get up in the morning without my glucosamine. I can't take multi vitamins because the calcium they put in them is the kind that upsets my stomach.

I'll keep up with the policoasanol for a while and see if that does anything. I'm surprised the other poster said 3 months on it, since I had read 2 weeks was the norm.

Does anyone know which brands are cane based? I haved looked online, but so far the few places that carry it don't mention the source. Time is limited to run from store to store and with the price of gas in the NE I try to avoid it.

Chin up![/QUOTE]
Momcat1, I was re-reading these posts and while reading yours here I happened to notice you take Citracal, I have to tell you a funny thing about Citracal, I heard about it on Paul Harvey's radio show and bought some, now I have studied nutrition for years and of course I read the label and it listed magnesium and I knew it is never a good thing to take calcium without it, in fact magnesium should equal half the dose of the calcium at least and yet it didn't tell you how much magnesium it had. So I got on the phone and called the company and the answer I got was "yes there is magnesium but not in the pill but rather a trace in the coating of the pill. Tricky people these manufactures, by putting a trace in the coating they could list it on the pkg. I went to my health food store and bought the NOW brand which is calcium citrate but has the proper balance. You, I believe are a very conscientious person and it seems you are doing a lot to achieve good health, I don't know your age but if you are in your 60's then your cholesterol will naturally be a bit higher but research has shown that higher cholesterol in older women has often meant longer life. In the nursing homes they found the ones with higher cholesterol did actually live longer, Low cholesterol is often associated with cancer and other health problems, the saying about all those firemen at the fire must mean they caused it holds true of cholesterol because it is natures band aid and it is sent to fight disease and when there is not enough the cancer can get a toe hold. A lot of the research that we consider gospel if you read it the reports admit that diets with constriction of cholesterol does not really work well because the liver will only make up the difference. I truly believe it is inflammation and we need to attack that before we will see any real progress in preventing heart disease. :wave:

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