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I am not on CoQ10 ...Whatever that is I don't know ...I only have seen you and some others discuss it here in the forums. I suppose I can buy it at Walgreens, GNC, stores like that?

Should I take some of that while I'm on Crestor and taking the CoQ10? I've heard Niacin is good, but I don't want to harm my body by taking too many different things. I currently take pharmaceutical grade fishoil as well. I need to do start doing regular cardio at the gym so that should help maintain my numbers as well. Thanks for the help.



CoQ10 is short for Co-enzyme Q10 - also known as ubiquinone. It is a vital enzyme that is used by the mitochondria in all your muscle cells and aids in the production of energy for the muscles.

Statins are known to deplete this vital nutrient, and it is prudent to take some while you are on statins to avoid muscle myopathies. No one ever told me about this while I was on Lipitor - I wish they had, because I ran into serious muscle problems.

I buy mine at Puritan's Pride (you can find them on the web). You can also get it at most major drugstores, or Walmarts.

As far as Niacin goes - I don't take it - but you should look at the 'Any experience with Zetia' thread on this board. Linda115 posted some very important information about possible side effects from Niacin combined with Zocor - it could pertain to other statins as well. I'd talk to my doctor if I were you.

Definitely keep up the fish oil - more and more is appearing about the beneficial results of Omega-3 oils.



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