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One often does hear people refer to bananas as being fattening, but the point is, compared to what? According to my chart, a medium banana has 105 calories. A medium apple has 81. So if you want to get the calories down, choose a small banana or share a large one with the spouse. Bananas have more potassium than almost any other food commonly eaten in this country, so they are a good choice. By contrast, think of the calories in other desserts one might choose: a piece of unfrosted chocolate cake from a mix 250 calories, a piece of homemade apple pie 282 calories, and how about one cup of French vanilla soft serve ice cream at 377 calories. Besides that, the fruits have little or no fat, whereas the other choices have much, and much refined sugar, as well.

The Healthy Choice TV dinners are far better than most TV dinners for fat, cholesterol, and sodium content. I usually keep some in my freezer for busy days or days I just don't feel like spending much time in food preparation. Most of them don't provide as large a fruit or vegetable serving as one should have for a balanced diet, though, so you might want to add a salad to the meal.

If you haven't been eating healthy previously, all the changes might seem a bit overwhelming at first. Don't panic. It will get easier. Don't worry if you backslide quite often at first. When one is in a hurry, one tends to prepare the things you are most familiar with. You'll gradually find a number of low-fat, low-sugar dishes you really enjoy and will want to repeat often, and will start thinking of them instead. I'd really concentrate at first on finding easy-to-prepare menus which are healthy. That way you'd have fewer excuses to backslide.

You can do it. Think of it as a new adventure in eating, like going to an exotic restaurant!

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