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Uff, sometimes I will buy canned fruit, but I make sure it says LITE on the can. Your right about the salt thing, that is why I usually buy frozen most of the time. Only time I buy canned veggies is if I am making stew, then I add a can of green cut beans, but I drain the juice off. Like ya said, we have to do the best we can, and sometimes it isn't as easy as one thinks.... :)

Tony, yes, my numbers went a bit wacky this last time. Only thing I can think of was we were eating quite a few Subway sandwiches due to the fact I wasn't feeling good, so hubby would bring one home as a quicky to eat. Although they are good, that is alot of bread, and I am not in the habit of eating much bread at all, especially non whole wheat. :confused:

I'll just have to see how the numbers go this time, and like U, they told me my numbers were due to heredity also. Most people have cholesterol problems due to that, but I still think with proper diet and exercise, it can bring the numbers down. Maybe not as good as a statin, but I would rather have slightly elevated numbers then take a statin. I took Lipitor years ago, and my TC went from 266 to 162 in 3 weeks, but man, did I ever get sick. They tried me on Baycol and that was even worse, so in the pail they went, and I now refuse to take them..period. They had hubby on Lipitor for 6 yrs. and his TC was very low, but it still did nothing for his Trigs. or his HDL. The dr. finally shoved him on 80 mgs. and he got so sick it was pathedic, so I called his cardio man and he told me to stop them, it was way too much, plus Lipitor did lil for Trigs. After trying many other things and having lousy reactions, he finally decided enough too. Now all we can do is try as many natural things as possible and hope for the best.

I just came back from Wallyworld, and the garlic is called Nature's Way and comes in a green and lite yellow box. Oh well, at least I had the Nature name right. :D

Great U had the apple, but try to stay away from artifical sweetners, like anything, they too have hidden stuff in it. Get your taste buds to try and get use to natural stuff. I use to use 2 tsps. of sugar in my coffee for years, then after hubby got diabetes, I stopped using sugar all together, as did he. It took some getting use to, but I haven't had sugar in anything for years, unless it happens to be in something I buy, but for that small amount, I ain't going to worry about it.

As far as the Flax, take what agrees with you, like U said, it is better then nothing. Oh well, time to get some supper ready, so hope ya have a good evening, and will CYL.... :wave:

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