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A lot of people were concerned when I told them that on Atkins you eat fat so you can use it as fuel. They thought I would end up with high cholesterol and have a stroke or heart attack. It is well known that the body will burn glucose (carbs) first because it is simply easier and more accessible. Once the carbs are used up you then burn fat. Problem is if you have an abundance of carbs your body has to burn them first and so very little, if any, fat gets burned for energy. It is easy to see then that carbs are necessary to store fat. Without them fat gets burned up for energy and weight loss is imminent. Pretty easy when you think about it.

Now, here is the good part. Before I started Atkins my blood work (triglycerides, cholesterol, glucose etc)

had these readings:

Overall cholesterol-251 It is now 190

Triglycerides-235 It is now 72

LDL (Bad cholesterol)-170 It is now 114

HDL (Good cholesterol)-48 It is now 62

Hemoglobin is at 5.8 and PSA is less than 0.1

My doctor rates me as “Excellent” in all categories and tells me I am putting him out of business. All in all eating fat is fine if you burn it and not store it and Atkins is a great way of burning fat. So, remember, if you want to lose weight and be healthy do Atkins as best you can and be sensible about it. Incidentally, if you exercise you are going to burn more fat and lose weight quicker.

I have an excercise bike and do 20 miles daily. That is a pretty good workout for me. Most people have a problem with getting the time to excercise. When I didn't have the bike I would walk 2 miles in the AM, 1 mile at lunchtime, and 2 miles when I got off work for a total of 5 miles a day. I started the Atkins in February of 2004 and have lost 65 lbs. to date.

You do not have to eat saturated fats on Atkins. Try salmon, olives, olive oil, sardines, chicken, almonds etc and you are allowed to eat fruits and vegetables that have low impact on blood sugar. Cauliflower and broccolli are excellent choices for veggies.

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