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Hello Everyone,

I am 30 years old almost 31. I am 5 5 tall and about 177 pounds. I have a good bit of muscle mass. I am fairly active around the yard and riding my bicycle. I have no problem working out in the yard and getting tired I can work all day with hard sweating, and I feel good and love it. Thus, with my numbers as they are, I am a bit perplexed.

Here are the numbers:

TC: 234
Tri: 162
HDL: 41
LDL: 161

I called around my parents, brothers, and sisters and none have problems with cholesterol. I was checked about 6 months ago with TC of 229, but I do not recall the other numbers. They are slightly increased. I had cut all eggs from my diet and increased my greens intake, and exercised more, and the numbers still increased. I suspect maybe I need to limit my meat intake, since I eat lots of meats. I will get the paper results in the mail shortly with a recommendation of a low cholesterol and low triglyceride diet.

My initial thought is to increase intake of grains, fruit, and vegetables and limit servings of meat to about once per day. But, maybe there is a better way. I am not sure what to do, but I await the recommendation in the mail and on these boards.



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