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Apr 14, 2005
I got the results of my last week's blood test with a nice wrinkle:

Total Cholesterol: 149
HDL Cholesterol: 43
LDL (calculated): 85
Triglycerides: 97

I was particularly happy with the HDL (Omani might be interested). Last October my HDL was 37 and I was determined to get it up some. Back in 1998, before Lipitor, my HDL was 28. Alcohol, which works VERY well for HDL, is no longer an option because I ALWAYS lose control and start drinking too much.
I'm a big-time niacin flusher but I found that I can max out at 125 mg. on a full stomach with 10 minutes of facial pins and needles and a red glow that I can live with. I've been doing it twice a day (for a total of 250 mg.) for a month. I read that some people got modest HDL results that way.
IT WORKED for a 16% increase.

If anyone on the planet doesn't know:D, I take 10 mg. Lipitor, 1500mg. EPA+DHA (Omega 3's), 1200 mcg. folic acid, 100 mg. CoQ-10, Lecithin (1 Tbsp) and now 250 mg. niacin (cheapy fast acting.) I have a stent from past angina and I exercise like a crazy-man.

C-reactive protein: 0.1
Doctor blew the homocysteine test:(!

I'm pleased as punch.

edit: Oh, oh...I just looked at Page 3. My Lipoprotein (A) is 50.1 mg/dL. First time tested. It says normal is below 30.
Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Anything EXCEPT Mercola/Pauling/Rath/Enig/Ravnovski chant will be much appreciated.
What I've been able to glean is that high Lp(a) is bad, it's genetic, and awfully resistant to change. I probably got it from my mother who died of progressive coronary artery disease. It seems to work its worst damage in the presence of high LDL so I guess my keeping that down is a step in the right direction.

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