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Gee Gee,

You have a lot working against you, but here are some suggestions:

1) Start reducing calories to lose the 10-15 pounds (lose them gradually)...

2) Cut back on carbohydrates - especially white breads, starchy vegetables (potatoes, turnips...), white rice.

3) Eliminate sugar (as best you can)

4) Eliminate anything that says 'Hydrogenated' in the ingredients list (it contains trans-fats, which increase your cholesterol and triglyceride levels).

5) Eat more green, leafy vegetables. Include more fruits, but don't go too heavy on them - they can contain a lot of fructose

6) Start taking [B]at least [/B]200mg of CoQ10 and 1000mg of Omega-3 Fish Oil daily (look for one that is high in EPA and DHA).

7) Do a search on the internet for 'low glycemic index' foods - and try to concentrate on them in your diet. Avoid the 'high glycemic index' foods.

8) Cook with Olive oil instead of other types of oils wherever possible.

9) Eat more fish (especially salmon, cod)

My wife has Epstein Barr, so I can understand your constant fatigue. Perhaps the CoQ10 will help that somewhat..

By the way, did you notice your weakness/tiredness worsened after you started Lipitor - because weakness is one of the known side effects of statins.

If you try most of the dietary changes above, your numbers have to improve. Perhaps to the point where you can get on a lower dose of a statin.

Best of luck,


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