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Hello ! HubbleRules,

WOW ! Thanks for this wonderful information. Sounds like you might be in the
medical profession........,
I know, I have a lot working against me, and I am armed and ready with
your suggestions, on the road to feeling better.

1) Okay ! I know, I must lose this weight !

2) This I can do......., I NEVER eat white bread, only wheat, NO potatoes,
and, I eat only brown rice. However, I know I have to cut the carbs. !

3) We've used Splenda for several years, NO SUGAR, so I will cut down on
this, and I am already drinking more decaf. tea, and less diet soda.

4) Okay....., I will eliminate the Hydrogenated stuff.

5) I know I can eat more leafy veggies. We eat a LOT of salad, too.

6) Advice taken, on the Omega 3 and CoQ10 and, etc.

7) Thanks, I will do the search on the Internet.

8) We only cook with extra virgin olive oil !

9) We do eat a lot of fish. My husband fishes for catfish, and we eat it
broiled. We also eat a lot of grilled tuna and salmon.

Hey ! Do you think I may have a bit of a ' Jump start ', on your rules ?lol.
I feel better already, just knowing there is help out there ! Ha !

I have recently been struggling with some intestinal problems and for several
weeks I have laid off the fried foods, totally.
I know it's those carbs., that I have to watch out for ! No more frozen yogart,
and etc.
I will be making these diatary changes also.

Yes, I do remember noticing weakness when I first started taking Lipitor.
I suppose by having this Chronic EBV, and Sjogren's, it just all blends in
together, with my total fatigue, these days.

I am sorry to hear that your wife has EBV ! I would love to hear more about her case. I have an idea she is as fortunate as I am,
in that she has a wonderful, understanding Husband !

I have some posts on the ' Infectious Diseases ', board, and ' Sjogren's ' ,
as you may already know. If not, you might want to check them out !
In my case, my Doctor's do not seem to know
anything that can be done for this. I am still searching for answers on my
own though.

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR HELP........., I will keep in touch.

Best Wishes to you,.........., waiting to hear from you,
Gee Gee

PS. I just got a glimpse of folks being frightened of Lipitor. My opinion is that
if it were going to kill me, I would have been dead and gone,
a long time ago......,the same goes with Celebrex !

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