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As a new member of these boards, I must commend you for your intelligence and keen insight to what is actually going on. I also do not agree that drugs are the answer. You are correct in stating that statins are carcinogenic, and are not the answer to heart disease. Alternative nutritional measures are, in my opinion, a far more favorable option. But most people who go to their doctors just blindly do what they are told, and take whatever medication they are instructed to take, without giving it a second thought. And the doctors? Well, they are nothing more than puppets for the big drug cartels. They are only doing what they have been brainwashed to do. In short, it's like the blind leading the blind. Pathetic, but true.[/QUOTE]

Thankyou for the kind words. The previous posts were mentioning the (Linus Pauling (LP) theories. I believe Linus Pauling was very accurate in his understanding of heart disease. He was convinced, as many other researchers
are that vitamin supplementation can heal and prolong life. Unfortunately, as many other great people, they are pushed aside and mocked. One Researcher,
I believe his name was Dr. Hoffer, stated that supplementing with 3,000 mg of
NIACIN and 3,000 mg of VITAMIN C per day, he had not seen any cases of heart disease in approx 175 patients. I know that my experience with several statins were not good, these included neck and shoulder pain, leg cramps etc.. It takes some time but symptoms do develop. When I mentioned NIACIN
to my doctor, he was well aware of NIACIN'S effect on cholesterol from many
years ago, he agreed to prescribe a NIACIN product called "NIACOR" immediate release (if I prefer) and a very low dose statin (10 mg pravachol).
Luckily my total cholesterol has remained between 195 - 205. Hdl between 40 - 50 and LDL between 105 - 130. These numbers tend to fluctuate consistently between these ranges for the past 3 years. My doctor appears satisfied (not thrilled).

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