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[QUOTE=mg_health]On another note, at one time, my triglycerides were at 650. They're now at 131. All because of cutting back on the carbs (less beer, less potatoes, rice, bread, pasta, etc.).[/QUOTE]


I'm not on cholesterol meds now - had been on Lopid or Lipitor for 12 years or so, but stopped them 15 months ago due to muscle pains.

I've recently been eating a lot of brown-rice with corn mixed in... I was trying to get away from meats, and started switching to this. Over the past month, I've probably averaged about 3 cups (cooked) of brown rice, and 1/2 cup of corn a day. I've tried to avoid breads and potatoes, red-meat, sugars and trans fats - but I have had lots of brown rice.

My triglycerides were off the wall at my last test - like nothing I've ever experienced before. Do you think the rice could have been a big factor?

I also have a bowl of slow-cook oatmeal each day.

I had been a big coffee drinker also (got lots of caffeine from coffee plus diet coke). I've cut back on coffee and coke and have much less caffeine now than I did a month ago. I've heard caffeine can also affect LDL or triglycerides.

I'm curious what your diet is like - maybe I could benefit from the same sort of plan.



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