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...You may want to consider trying the Low Glycemic Index Diet. Everyone that I know who has tried it (including myself) saw a big drop in blood pressure and triglycerides.

...Potatoes, rice, and white breads are usually the evil foods. Potatoes are mine but diets differ from region to region so it's best to find the list of the glycemic index for foods and see where your foods fall out. My triglycerides dropped from 350 to 97 and my BP dropped from 135/85 to 105/75.

...I went on the diet becasue I suffer from reactive hypoglycemia but this was a nice side effect. The underlying condition is called hyperinsulinemia caused by the overproduction of insulin due to these "bad" carbs. The general thinking is that our metabolisms react to carbs based on whether they are simple or complex and that's not the cae. Our metabolism reacts differently to different carbs and the glycemic index is just a list that was made by Testing each carb to see the metobolic reaction. Pretty stright forward, no big theories here. They took a randomised sampling of people, fed them 50 grams of a particular carb, and logged how they reacted.

...The big surprise was the white starches, potatoes, rice, and white breads. Those foods were highly reactive even more so than table sugar!!. I'm still dealing with my hdl and ldl but at least the tri's are under control now.

...Basically it's a prediabetic condition (type two) but the insulin still works but there's just too much and causes problems. A person gets the type two diabetes diagnoses when the insulin quits working and the blood sugar gets out of control. Also called insulin resistance. Have you ever feltthat you get hypoglycemia when you haven't eaten? That's usually the tell tale sign.
No I have never felt that way, 3 years ago I worked in a casino as a cocktail waitress my weight got down to 103, that is because I was not eating and I was always on the run. I did not feel good at 103, I remember when I was working I would use a diet supplement with ephadra I was on that for about a year in a half but, because my hours were crazy it gave me enegry, the wrong kind but anyway, Now that I stay home I do not eat rice I do not like it, I do not eat bread, like I said I had surgery to remove all my upper teeth, and I can not wear my dentures on a regular basis, so my food intake is limited to very soft foods, I have had a major major craving for salt I seem like I can not get enough, my bp is fine I check it on a regular basis but my pulse today was running real high, I take my bp med's everyday. so I guess I just wait to see the cardio dr says. thanks for advice.

You may want to do a little searching on the Low GI diet as I tend to be a little confusing. It's not a weight loss diet or a low carb diet. It's just about the quality of carbs. My BP went from 135/85 with a pulse rate of 105 to 105 /75 with a pulse rate of 90. The biggest result however was my triglycerides 350 down to 97. In fact a person could gain weight on the diet if they wanted too as ice cream is a low to medium glycemic food!!
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No I am not overweight, my weight runs between 135 and 142, when I was working my weight really droped at one time I was 103 pounds and I did not feel good, My clothes were size 0 and 3, now I wear a size 6 to a size 9 and I am 5 foot 3. I did end up today going to the Dr. for a severe severe migraine, which I had not had in a long time my blood pressure today at the Dr was 158/101 they gave me a shot of torodol to try and relieve the pain to bring my bp down. But like I said I have an apt with the Az heart Inst. on June 7 they are suppose to be the best in the state. So wish me luck.


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