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[QUOTE=azblonde]I had my blood work done in Sept of last year my tri levels were 990 I just had my levels repeated in march now they are 1801 my Dr referred me to a cardiologist, I am 37 and just put on Lopid I am taking 2400mg a day. I also have high blood pressure that is now under control with medication, I am not overweight, not diabetic, I do not eat alot of fatty foods, I just had all my top teeth pulled in January and got dentures I can not get used to them so I have not really worn them so I can not eat alot of normal foods, Now for my question why would I be referred to a heart dr??? I am guessing blockage, If anyone has had any simular problems or any information please I would appricate it. I have a 16 year old son who is worried sick, he thinks I am going drop dead of a heart attack, I try and tell him that I am fine and that I feel fine, but when anyone mentions a heart dr to a 16 year old they think the worst.
cholesterol total 294 ldl-c and vldl-c unable to calculate
hdl 28
chol/hdl 10.5[/QUOTE]


I think he referred you to a cardiologist, because a cardio is more specialized in dealing with these issues. He can better interpret your test results, and has much more experience with treatment solutions. I also go to a cardiologist for my blood pressure/cholesterol. (And I don't have heart disease) He will probably prescribe another medication. Till your numbers are under control, you will have to listen to your MD. Perhaps later you can try more natural approaches. My sister was diagnosed wih very high trigs. about 4 years ago and she's been on a medication called "ZOCOR". Her numbers have greatly improved. She also takes an aspirin everyday (86mg) and a fish-oil supplement.

I hope this info. helps

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