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[QUOTE=JJ]No, I am not taking the Co Q10 as of yet, but have seen alot of talk on here about it. Hubble takes it, I believe, and swears it is helping him alot. [/QUOTE]


Yes, I do take CoQ10.

I'm currently on 150mg/day (75 morning and evening). I had terrible muscle pain and weakness and exercise intolerance about 15 months ago due to Tricor being added to my Lipitor (10mg) regimen... For a while I thought the pain and weakness were permanent, and that I would be a relative invalid the rest of my life. I took myself off both drugs immediately and have never looked back...

Luckily, after about 8 months, the symptoms SLOWLY began to subside. I've read that muscle pains with statins take longer to recover the longer you're on the drug - and I was on for over 7 years... I started 200mg CoQ10 at about 6 months into my problem - so I can't say for sure that it helped, but I do feel a lot better now - so I'm continuing the CoQ10 - since we all know that statins DEFINITELY deplete this vital nutrient, which is tied to the functioning of our mitochondria and our ability to produce energy...

My muscle pain is 80% reduced - although I still have some pain in both arms when I lift something. But it's much better than before, 15 months ago I could not even lift my laptop PC without whincing with pain. And I can jog much further than I could a year ago.... I'm getting back to normal, but it's been such a long road, I'm terrified about going back on a statin again - so I absolutely refuse to! The good thing about all this is I have become a better informed individual due to all the research I've done, and in chatting with members on this board!

BTW - took a vacation day and took the family to the amusement park today - it was packed, but we had a great time!!!!

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