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[quote]You mention using olive oil in an attempt to control your cholesterol.
If you could post all of your numbers that would be great
if you went overboard on the olive oil and "good fats" you should know that too much of any fat, yup, even good fat can rake havoc on your cholesterol levels. :rolleyes:[/quote]

Good info. I did not know that to much olive oil can have an opposite affect. Originally he told me to cook with more olive oil and and eat more fish. But I honestly did not know that one could get to much. I was getting ready to take a couple of teaspoons of Olive oil a day, not a good idea perhaps? :confused:

[quote]I found this out the hard way when I started using too much of those cholestrol control spreads. Lots of monounsaturated fat. I figured more was better, right. I was eating it at 3 meals a day. As a result my cholesterol zoomed to 258 with an LDL of 184 :eek:[/quote]

Good to know. Yes, I have used these as well thinking they would help me lower my numbers and yours look to be very close to mine.

[quote]I am telling you this on the assumption that your total is due to a high LDL. A high LDL can be brought down by a low fat diet. I was able to bring mine down from 258 to 206 (LDL 130 and HDL 59) in 90 days by REALLY watching my fat intake and exercising. :angel:[/quote]

How much fat intake to you take in a day? Do you avoid fried foods?

[quote]As for acceptable levels , this is a very gray because it is determined by ATP guidelines based upon your risk factors. It is my understnding that that for most of us, outside of having heart disease or diabetes, etc., should probably shoot for an LDL below 130. That requirement goes down to 100 and even 70 depending upon the number of risk factors you have and the zelaousness of your physician. :D Tryglicerides should be below 150. HDL - the higher the better and certainly no less than 40.[/quote]

Good info :)

[quote]Post your numbers if you have them! [/quote]

I really wish I could post them but I only have what I remembered and I am not due for an office visit until next month. Last week my total was 270 and I think my LDL was 200. The doc did not really panic but he asked me about my diet , said I had a heredity problem and am at high risk for future heart disease and wanted me on Vytorin. But If I get a machine I may not always be on Vytorin if I can get numbers down through diet. That is why I want a machine to avoid the doc , see what affects me,and make self testing easier and save $$$.

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