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Yes - I did see your post about your hubby's numbers, and about the before/after pictures of his artery that they did the surgery on. His cholesterol numbers did not seem that high! It's scary to think that we could be walking around with blockage, and not know anything about it until it becomes almost critical!!! Look at President Clinton - he has gold-plated medical care, and they missed his blockage until it was almost too late!!

Save those pictures - it must be amazing when you see how much hubby's artery was opened during the procedure! I pray he never has to go thru that again!!!

By the way, you should consider getting some Omega-3 Fish Oil tablets for yourself and hubby. I keep reading more and more good things about them. Ask his doctor the next time he goes in for a check-up. I have been taking them for about 4 or 5 months now - I hope when I have my blood work done in a few days that my HDL/LDL ratio is improved as a result!!!



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