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That is an interesting study but unfortunately the cohort was Japanese men. The Japanese are genetically very nearly unique in their liver's handling of alcohol...their enzymatic structures are different and, among other things, they do not readily break down the acetaldehyde which is the first step in alcohol breakdown by the liver.

The results of heavy drinking might not be so favorable to Occidentals, LDL-wise (or they might?.):D

It also brings to mind my problem with fasting triglyceride testing. Alcohol causes a rise in triglycerides (and thus VLDL) that is not apparent after a one day alcohol fast. But what is the lipid situation WHILE DRINKING...certainly vastly different from the fasting lab test?
(Always struck me as silly to test fasting levels of ANYTHING when people NEVER fast for more than 8 hours and usually walk around with full stomachs all the time!) Maybe they should set up lipid testing centers in popular bars!!!:D:D:D

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