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Re: My results
May 12, 2005

Thanks so much for the feedback. I am taking your suggestions to heart.

Ace - I am going to try the Niacin and see how I tolerate it. I'll see what immediate-release types Puritan has. I don't see my doctor until the 24th, so a prescription is out until then.

Gail - I just ordered Waiora Superior Fibre Blend. I've been having some digestive problems anyhow, so maybe I can kill 2 birds with one stone. I'll stick with it for several months and see how I feel, and how my blood tests come out.

I'm also sticking with my supplement regimen:

Vitamin-C (4000mg/day)
L-Lysine (2000mg/day)
Omega-3 Fish Oil (1500mg/day EPA + DHA)
Ester-E (400mg/day)
Folie Acid (800mg/day)
CoQ10 (150mg/day)
L-Carnitine (250mg/day)

I've changed my diet also: eliminated sugar, decreased red meat intake, cut back on dairy, 1 glass of red wine and no more than 1 beer (soon to be lite beer) per day, cut out processed-food snacks, and have begun to increase amount of veggies and fruits (but I still need to do more here - just tough to go out and get fresh fruit and good veggies as often as we should).

And, with the weather turning better and better, I'm jogging every other day - 3 miles. Want to get up to 5 by end of summer.

I'm still saving some slack in my diet for icy-cold Corona and Lime come the dog-days of summer!!!! (JJ - we have to keep ones priorities straight! :wave: )

HubbleRules :cool:[/QUOTE]


The vitamins you are taking are great. In my experience, vitamins have not had much effect on my cholesterol values. I believe they help in many other ways. I take the same vitamins you specified at a lower dose, but I also take a GARLIC and a B-100 Complex tab. I also use "Lecithin" granules on my cereal. Also, consider certain herbs such as GINSENG, BILBERRY, GINKGO and especially MILK THISTLE (for liver health). even 2 or 3 times a week.

Puritan's has Niacin that is a 250 mg tablet (note: immediate release). The beauty of NIACIN is it corrects almost all aspects of your lipid panel. HDL, LDL,
TRIGS, TOTAL, lpA, particle sizes etc.... without much regard to your diet.
Start low (ex break a 250 mg tab in half for the 1'st week) Note: On an empty stomach you should notice a warm (flushed) feeling.

This article was on the Internet, I hope it helps...

"The most important role niacin can play in your life is to help get rid of toxins.

It does this by causing the small blood vessels, after taking niacin, to increase in size. When this happens you will "flush." That is, many of those small blood vessels (capillaries) are near the surfact of the body, in the skin. So, when they enlarge in size, more blood moves through them (causing the cleansing action) and the skin will typically get red (flush) and often itchy.

This is a very beneficial action for the body, but many ignorant scientists mistake this action for a "toxic" reaction from niacin and wrongly warn people to avoid using niacin.

The quantity of niacin which will cause this flush varies. If you have not been taking niacin at all, then usually 100 mg to 200 mg, in one dose, will do the job. It would be foolish, at that time, to take more. After a day or so on the same dosage, you'll find that that dosage no longer causes the flush and you have to increase the dosage -- perhaps to 300 mg.

Then, with the slightly larger dose you can get the flush again. Each time it will wear off and you will have to increase the dosage.

Years ago I went through a cleansing action, using niacin, and eventually got up to 5,000 mg per day -- with no flush.

Those scientists who start a person off with 3,000 mg of niacin are foolish. Then, when they repeat that dosage every day for weeks, they don't observe that the flush discontinues after several days -- no matter how much niacin you get, for these purposes it is only the flush that is useful and the flush requires constantly increasing dosages.

Niacin, when used this way, must be accompanied by all the other "regular" vitamins in proper balance.

Niacin, alone, brings down cholesterol levels and blood pressure. It is far safer and of course much cheaper than the drug company's "solutions," such as Me****r and others. These drugs can cost $500 or more per year and have adverse side effects they don't tell you about.

Niacin is a very safe vitamin to use. Yes, it causes a flush, but the flush is exactly the effect you want."

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