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I've been off the niacin a couple of weeks now trying to see if the pains in my thigh may be related to niacin, but being off it hasn't seemed to help at all so I think the problem is unrelated to the niacin. I'll probably wait until I see the doctor next week before going back on niacin, though.

Anyway, I lowered my LDL from 247 to 190 and increased my HDL from 62 to 72 with 750 mg Enduracin, a sustained-release OTC niacin. I've had another more recent lipid panel in which both LDL and HDL were higher, but that was after my experiment of eating two eggs a day for almost three months.

My philosophy about taking niacin was to take no more than necessary to do the job, so I started out with 250 mg a day for three months. When that didn't get numbers down enough, I tried 500 mg a day for six months. That brought LDL to 202, but my doctor suggested increasing the niacin to 750 mg daily, which resulted in the LDL of 190. This is combined with a low-saturated fat and low-trans fat diet.

If you choose to take an OTC niacin in therapeutic doses, make sure you get regular liver enzyme tests, as the niacin can be just as dangerous as the statins. The number of people who are affected is low, but just in case you are one of them, the regular tests would allow one to quit before permanent damage was done. Niacin is not recommended for anyone whose liver has been damaged from alcohol or who drink heavily.

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