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Re: Crestor Safe ?
May 25, 2005
I suppose the people who died of rhabdomyolisis on Baycol were just having a hypochondriac attack, or trying to make a convincing point about how statin side effects are for real?

No wonder people don't want to tell their doctors about aches, pains, and other problems they experience while on statins. They're assumed to be quacks or hypochondriacs or chronic complainers... Everything but the statins is to blame...

Anectdotal evidence is all we've got to go on now - because no-one in the medical profession or the pharmaceuticals are following up with any independent studies of the true side effects of statins. There's no profit in this kind of study.

Lenin- if you had experienced some of the sudden problems people ran into when on statins, I venture you'd be singing a completely different tune.

I know I was not imagining things when I had sudden, severe muscle pains and weakness a few months after Tricor was added to my Lipitor. That was unlike anything I had experienced before or since, and it is now mostly gone since I stopped the meds. Can I prove it was the Lipitor/Tricor - of course not, but I certainly can't attribute it to age or injury or any other logical explanation either. Statins and Fibrates in combo were the cause (IMHO)....

Sure, lots of people experience muscle aches when they get older, but lots of people are also experiencing statin-induced problems - it's just that no one wants to listen to them. The fact that the medical profession continues to ignore these statin side effects doesn't make the situation any less real for those of us who have run into problems.

60 years ago the medical profession recommended that people smoke to help settle their nerves. 25 years ago they recommended that we switch from butter to trans-fat-laden margarine.

So much for medical expertise...

Oh well, I guess this is why God invented alcohol :)


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