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As long as U can take the statins with no side effects, that is good. I, like many others had horrid reactions to them, so am trying like crazy to lower the numbers with diet, exercise and some supplements. I don't expect to try everything I hear about, that is not my style, plus I don't have money to blow.

I have always taken a good vitamin, extra C, garlic and now calcium. Have been trying the non flush niacin, but even at the small dose I take, 100 mgs. it actually gives me the itchys. Like I said, I am VERY sensative to things, so if I have to stop it, then so be it, but at least I tried. For now we both have cut back further on red meats, and added more fruits and veggies. I do still eat a hard boiled egg usually 3 times a week, and eat oatmeal every day.

I refuse to give up everything I like, but I know some things I needed to cut back on, and others I needed to increase. If this doesn't do the trick, then not much I can do, and if the dr. gives me a hard time, well, she might as well save her breath, as NO way will I take a statin, been there, suffered, and refuse to go thru it again.

Neither of us are drinkers, don't do junk food, so not much else I can give up, so like I said, we are doing the best we can. Hubby's dr. is very understanding and knows what he went thru, so he doesn't pressure him, my dr, is new to me, so we will see how we tolerate each other... :D

Got to get a few things done here so I can watch Jay Leno. U have a great nite, and TTYL.... :wave:

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