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Re: Statins use???
Jun 8, 2005
When my husband had his arteries cleaned in 94 he was also told he had a slight blockage on his right side. After the cleaning, he was put on Lipitor and a couple of other statins for 7 yrs. Due to rotten side effects he stopped taking them a few years ago. In Jan. of this year, he had a Mibi stress test and it still shows that slight blockage, so I guess the STATINS didn't clean anything, or that blockage would have been gone..... :rolleyes:

BTW, it is the SAME blockage, in the same spot, so please don't try and say he built up blockage due to getting off statins. Where he had the arteries cleaned, is still fine, and he has been off statins for years.
Re: Statins use???
Jun 8, 2005
[QUOTE=dak2005]Hello again..... thanks for the responses. I have looked into the thyroid possibility with my Dad. All winter I really thought that was it. So many kinds of diseases have similiar symptoms. My Grandmother, Dad's mom has an underactive thryorid. My Dad has had 2 tests and both came back normal. I questioned it too. He is super tired almost all of the time. I wanted another test but it hasn't been pursued. I really think that statins effect every person differently and I don't doubt that they are beneficial to many people. My Dad may not be one that can take them. Or he may need a different statin. My parents have been in excellent health for many years. Dad has never been on any kind of medication until metformin and zocor which he started at about the same time.( 2 years ago) He doesn't even get headaches and hardly has ever taken aspirins, which now an aspirin a day is a good thing. That's why all of the this has been so difficult. My parents don't have internet access so I am taking the oldest daughter role and trying to help. They are overwelmed with everything that I find. I am just looking for answers and support. I really appreciate it. My parents went back to the doctor earlier this week and my Mom brought all of my information that I have gathered and I think this time they will take a look at it and take my parents concerns seriously.

thanks again.. :)[/QUOTE]


Please pursue another thyroid test. I will tell you why. Some underactive thyroid problems can "come and go". I know this because I am one of them. When I was about 38 or so I became extremely tired. SO tired in fact that when I came home from work I had to go lie down for at least 1 hour or I could not function. I would only "drag". Felt like I had a lead ball on my feet. Went to the doc and found out I was a #7 which is considered mild. I went on thyroid med and in 5 days I never had more energy! Time passed....about 2 years, THEN in the evenings sometimes I would get the "jitters". Went back to the doc and was a .87 which was ALMOST going in the other direction! Doc explained to me that new research is showing that some hypothyroidsim is only temporary probably due to nodules on the gland. I slowly weaned myself off as the doctor wanted me to and I was fine for several years and had to go back on again and then off and then on again!

So, what I am saying is to get it checked (your Dad) and keep in mind "borderline" readings. I was getting cold this winter suspected my thyroid and even though I was "within range" I was very close to underactive again. The top mark was 5.50 and I was 5.35 so I was very close again and doc said I could probably use a little if I was getting cold. It was my decision and I am now back on it and no MORE COLD! But, its 90 degress outside today as well. :)

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