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Johns Hopkins deals in facts and I am sure that they will continue their work on Statin research, improving their techniques. Those [b]ARE[/b] the facts. :D :D :D

Can I help it if 750,000 people refused Statins?

AND if statins are so crippling then why when I went to Walmart yesterday did I see only 1 person in a wheelchair?[/QUOTE]

I understand U loving your Statins as they have taken your numbers down, plus SO FAR, U haven't had any side effects, but, can't quite figure out the relationship between that and a person in a wheelchair??? Maybe that person had some disease not even related to a Statin... :confused:

My husband was never in a wheelchair, but when on Statins, sure had one heck of a time walking, as he was in constant pain, and felt like he was walking on golfballs. If U can take Statins and feel GREAT, more power to ya, but for all those folks out there, some we never even know about, have to look for an alternative if they can't handle them.

I don't care how many studies are done, or by whom they are done, the fact still remains, SOME folks just can't handle them, and rather then live as a cripple, or with severe pain, they choose to NOT take them. If I had 10 years to live as a cripple, but 5 to live an active life, I will take the five, at least I can enjoy them. Like they say, what works for one, doesn't work for all.

Have a nice day.... :)

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