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In my mind, if cholesterol were a root cause of CHD and heart-attacks, I'd expect a much more direct relationship between the two - less serum cholesterol/lower heart attack rate, more serum cholesterol/higher heart attack rate. The numbers simply don't bear this relationship out. I've read and heard from numerous sources that at least 40% of heart attacks happen to people with low-to-normal cholesterol levels. That is a logical nonsequitor to me.

I was on Lipitor for over 7 years, when my doctor combined it with Tricor, and within 3 months, I had so much muscle pain and weakness I was a virtual invalid. I admit they work very effectively for most, but some suffer serious side effects from them. I did, and that got me intensely interested in the subject of high cholesterol.

Since then I've done a LOT of searching on the web, and I've come to the conclusion that it is not cholesterol per-se that causes CHD, but something as yet unidentified which is causing an inflammation in the arteries, and the resulting inflammatory response by the body is what actually causes plaques to form (see my prior post entitled 'You've got to read this'). I take 800 mg of Folic Acid daily to reduce homocystine levels - a key marker of inflammation. I take 2-3 grams of Omega-3 Fish Oil to reduce CRP levels - another inflammation marker.

Pharmaceuticals seem to be concentrating on new drugs that will boost HDL - which in my opinion is better than concentrating on absolute cholesterol numbers. HDL is the GOOD cholesterol - it tends to recycle cholesterol from the blood back to the liver.

Keeping cholesterol from becoming oxidized (via anti-oxidant supplements and Omega-3 Fish Oils) seems to be key also - it seems oxidized cholesterol is what is drawn into the plaques.

Read some other recent posts - there is an enzyme called ACAT2 which has recently been found to have an extremely significant contribution to plaque formation in recent clinical trials - independent of cholesterol levels.

I also take high doses of Vitamin-C and L-Lysine: do some reading about the Pauling Therapy - it attributes the root cause of CHD to a vitamin-c deficiency. I don't necessarily think this is 100% correct, but a lot of it makes logical sense to me.

In essence, I don't think ANYONE knows how to cure or prevent CHD at this point, there is a ton of conflicting info out there that we all need to sift thru and come to our own conclusions.

I think that extremely low (<100) and extremely high cholesterol (>300) are probably very bad, but in-between I'm not at all sure.

Anyhow, enough of my ranting. My opinions are in the minority - mainstream medicine is firmly behind statin therapy.

But do some reading prior posts on this forum... and do independent research on your own.

You are obviously a bright person capable of making up your own mind. In the end, we each make and live by our own health decisions.


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