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[QUOTE=mach8]:wave: Hi everyone, Haven't posted for awhile , Been battling this cholesterol thing. Just got my latest results - TC 251. LDL 131 ,HDL 41,Trigs 188. It has been ranging from TC 259, to 257 in the past year. I'm still determined to keep changing my diet ,Doc wants me on lipitor but i don't want to take it. Maybe i'm not doing the right thing. I dunno. I've added fish and chicken to my diet lots of leafy greens ,cut down on simple sugars. but i do eat to much bread and potatoes. hardly any fruits . i eat oatmeal in the morning . just don't know where to go from here . So any help would be appreciated , Thanks Bob.[/QUOTE]

Don't know how long it has been since U made some diet changes, but for some it takes a lil longer. U got some good advice about some foods to avoid and also supplememts, now cut WAY back on those starchy things and maybe the next test will be better. Like alot of folks here, I have been trying like crazy to battle the numbers game with diet and exercise, but it is coming along slowly, but I'm still trying. Last test was better then before, so maybe the next one in Aug. will be even better, as I won't go on statins. Done that routine, and got way too many side effects.

I just added green tea to my change also, not bad. I bought the Bigelow with lemon, make a container full each morning and then let it cool, stick it in the fridge and I have iced tea. Also added about a 1/4 tsp. of cinnamon to my oatmeal each morning. Hopefully U get some exercise, as that will reduce the Trigs and bring up the HDL. I tried the Niacin, no flush, but it gave me the itchys, but I am SUPER sensative to things, so it just might do U good, give it a go. I'm a big cheese lover, so had to cut way back on that, but did add tuna to my diet, which is all I can handle, as I am not a fish lover. Also buy a bag or can of mixed nuts and eat a few of those, good fats in them. Definitely get those fruits and veggies into yourself, this is a good time for them, as there are plenty around, and the prices are a lil better. I'm sure U will get plenty of ideas from other's also, as most of us are in the same boat.

Best wishes, and just keep trying..... :wave:

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