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[QUOTE=babydog]Hello Hubble,

Here is the approach I am taking. By the way my mother, when she was 62 had cholesterol at 300 and it is now 192. She is now 79. Her approach is more or less the same as mine.

My diet was abominable. My idea of breakfast was to lick the buttercream frosting off of the layer cake from the weekend party (stupid!). :nono: I lived on bacon cheese burgers and mexican food. Today I limit myself to roughly 10 grams of fat per day. My diet can be described as very low fat, high protein and high fiber. I make a mean cuban style black bean soup and my tuna salad is prepared with fat free mayonaise. I make bacon cheese burgers now using soy burgers, fat free american cheese and soy bacon. Yeah, I actually like them! At the grocery store I always pick the fat free variety if possible and I count my fat grams everyday to make sure I don't go over 10 grams. If your problem is high LDL, this works, there is no question about it. I also try to work in exercise and have lost 12 pounds. I am 5 feet tall so 12 pounds is actually a lot of weight for me.

As for supplements, I take 1 capsule of 21 grain lecithin, 1 capsule of fish,flax, borage, (1) one-a-day cholesterol plus and Cholesterol Success - 2 tablets am and 2 tablet pm. It is plant sterols. At night I take calcium and magnesium because it calms me down to help me sleep.

Hubble I gotta tell you, menopause reeks! It is really for chumps! I can't wait till this is over!

I would still sell my soul for a pepperoni pizza, a burrito, and cold stein of beer! :wave:[/QUOTE]


Sounds like you how have a healthy lifestyle to me... I haven't gotten my fat level down to 10grams/day, I don't 'count' calories or grams of fat but I do avoid foods containing too much saturated and any trans fats at all - perhaps I should start counting - mostly I pay attention to my wasteline and weight.

During college, my idea of Saturday breakfast was to have the cold, leftover pepperoni pizza from the night before... We've all made dumb decisions in our past, but back then no one was really concerned about cholesterol or CRP or anything else.

By the way, can you buy soy burgers in a regular supermarket? I've never bothered looking before, but with all the concerns about Mad Cow disease, I'd like to give it a try. We don't buy ground beef, mostly ground turkey, but I'd like to try the soy burgers. Do you have to add any special seasonings?

I've occassionally been taking lecithin also, plus Omega-3s, will look for Cholesterol Success and maybe give that a try. Have you considered Policosanol? I know there is some in One-A-Day Cholesterol Plus, but not much. I started 10-20mg/day about a month ago, and just had a blood test yesterday, and am interested to see if it had any effect yet. I've read it takes 6-8 weeks for it to start to lower LDL and raise HDL.

As far as menopause goes, yes, it is a big change - my wife just went thru it - she is also 49. And by the way, you can still treat yourself to an occassional burrito or stein of cold beer or even pepperoni pizza - just limit it to once a week, and make up for it with a little extra exercise.


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