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Fish Oil
Sep 22, 2004
... oil is always a good thing, but it will only help lower your Triglycerides..not your "bad cholesterol". ... (7 replies)
Fish Oil
Sep 22, 2004
... went to the doctors today and found out that my bad cholestral was 197 total cholestral was 287. He put me on Mevocor low dose 10mg a day. But suggested I try 3000mg of fish oil a day. I don't know anything about fish oil tabs. Is there anyone out there who could help me? ... (7 replies)
... Numbers in Sept of 07 before the Niaspan total 277 LDL 194 HDL 55 Trig 138 Numbers June 08 taking 1000 mg of Niaspan and 3000mg of fish oil w omega 3 Total 339 LDL 257 (6 replies)

... I assume you are asking about the amount of fish oil to take? ... (23 replies)
... That's probably the TOTAL WEIGHT of oil per capsule. ... (14 replies)
... I could do step machine but I am doing it. Since increasing my fish oil, I haven't had a blood draw. ... (0 replies)
... I've noted that some of the people on these boards that take fish oil for lowering trigs have said they generally take between 1500 and 2000mg. The fish oil I bought is 1000mg per capsule and it says on the bottle to take 3 times a day. Which means I'm getting 3000mg. ... (14 replies)
Fish oil
Mar 13, 2009
... I take 3000mg (3 replies)
... is that 3, 1000mg which means 3000mg total? ... (23 replies)
... of the combined EPA and DHA content of your new supplement. These amounts can vary from one product to another, so you may have to adjust the dosage to equal the 3000mg you were getting from the Carlson brand. ... (7 replies)
Higher cholesterol
Feb 10, 2008
... I recommend chatting with your doctor about the fish oil dosage anyway. ... (12 replies)
... rove it. However, during the time I was taking Niaspan my HDL began to increase and Niaspan was credited for the improvement, but during the same period I added fish oil, 3000mg daily. Four months ago, with a new doctor, he told me to stop the Niaspan. He did a brief lipid profile and the HDL was 43. ... (16 replies)
... Additionally, about two years ago I started a fish oil therapy of 3000mg daily. My new MD told me to increase that to 6000mg daily. ... (16 replies)
... of fish oil is too much. ... (18 replies)
... Yes, 3000mg of fish oil sounds about right if you need to lower triglycerides. ... (23 replies)
... Well I won't know till next test if the newest things I have been doing are still working, but last test was fine. No statins, was on Lipitor and Baycol, MAJOR GI problems, weakness, and developed high BP. Strange, for 59 yrs. it was very low..Hmmmmm Tried Welchol, felt like a constipated whale, so ditched that too. Tried non flush Niacin, still got itchy on a lousy 100... (16 replies)
... So often I read what different members are doing and I thought it would help us to know just what each is doing to lower cholesterol and have better heart health. Would you be willing to list the things you are taking and what you are doing and also what has worked and what has not and any good and bad side effects you have encountered? I am willing to start.... Things... (16 replies)
New test numbers
Jan 24, 2007
... and my cholesterol had come down 40 points it was at that time I decided to up the dose to 1500mg and it came down another 17 points. I also take 3000mg of fish oil and "One a day Plus with policosanol" I didn't think that the Policosanol did much but when I quit taking it my HDL number dropped so I started taking it again. ... (7 replies)
... mg's a day but he said to take 500 mg with each meal, I probably should do that but I forget it or am not home etc. so I just take it at night. I also take 3000mg of fish oil and some Vit's. My HDL is 50, niacin does raise your good cholesterol. ... (12 replies)
... I think they look pretty darn good, congrats. I hear ya about the Trigs, mine last time were 146, so I am trying to be as aware as possible about the carbs. I'm not a sugar lover, but do tend to like my carbs. Your VLDL is your very low density level, and it's range I believe is 0-30, mine was 29. All in all, I'd say U were definitely on the right track, so keep up the good... (6 replies)

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