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Put things in perspective. Your numbers are not bad, in fact your total is quite good. Your HDL is a bit low however. I'd work on increasing the HDL. You can try Omega-3 Fish Oil (but you need to take at least 4-5 grams/day for it to work on HDL). Eliminate trans-fats from your diet also (anything with the word 'hydrogenated' on the label) - it will help HDL also.

For some, their high cholesterol is genetic, and no matter how much they eat or exercise, it remains stubbornly high. My total was always around 240 even in my prime when I was thinner and exercised all the time.

Since I had serious problems with statins a year ago, I've done a lot of research, and found the high cholesterol and heart disease are not nearly as closely linked as most believe. Over 40% of heart attacks happen to people with low to normal cholesterol levels. Clearly something more than cholesterol is going on to cause heart disease.

Chronic inflammation is thought to be at least (if not greater) a risk factor as cholesterol. To control inflammation, take 800mg/day of Folic Acid. A small dose (81mg) of buffered Aspirin will help also. Have your doctor test your homocysteine level - it is a measure of inflammation.

Also have your Lp(a) level checked - it is thought to be at least as significant as cholesterol in plaque formation. Try vitamin-c (1-2 grams daily in 2 doses) to control Lp(a).

Keep in mind also that the cholesterol guidelines have changed A LOT over the last 20 years. THey are constantly being lowered. I for one am suspicious of the motivation for this lowering. There is a 10 member panel that came up with the recommendation for the current lower guidelines. Nine of the 10 receive speaking fees or consult for the pharmaceutical companies that produce statins - talk about financial conflicts-of-interest!! Lowering the guidelines is a financial bonanza for the makers of statins. So, it's sort of like putting the defense industry in control of the national defense budget - suddenly overnight we'd be told we need to spend far, far more on missiles and fighter planes and tanks and aircraft carriers to be safe....

Also keep in mind that cholesterol is a vital substance - it is a necessary part of every cell in our bodies - especially the brain. I don't think anyone knows much about the long-term effects of extremely low cholesterol levels. I've seen some brag about drugs reducing their total cholesterol to 100, not knowing anything about what this extremely low level could be doing to their body. I've seen studies where death rates increased when total cholesterol dropped below 150.

I don't know anything about birth control pills and high-cholesterol, but I'm sure if you searched the web you'd find a lot of info.

Best of luck...


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